life insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the insured to pay an amount to the beneficiary on the happening of any unforeseen event to the life of the insured. Simply put, life insurance helps the insured person to take care of his family, in case of his death, maintaining the same status level as today. An optimum life insurance is an important decision which should be made by every person who earns an income.

Every one knows that life insurance is important but ignore it till it is to late. We help our clients in assessing the amount of life cover that they should take along with selecting the best plans suitable for them.

Secure your life with a right mix of life insurance and safeguard the interest of your loved ones.

Our Strategy

The right amount of insurance cover is a difficult question to answer, yet one of the most important decision in an individual’s life. It becomes all the more complex due to the various types of insurance cover that are available. The important aspects to be understood are :

  • Optimum life cover
  • High insurance cover at low cost
  • Traditional insurance plans are expensive.
  • Unforeseen events cannot be avoided. Insure for them
  • Insurance cover as per current income levels.
  • It is your family. Provide for them

Importance Of Term Plan

A Term plan is a type of life insurance where the insured is covered for an amount for a defined period.  On the death of the insured person, the beneficiary gets the sum assured from the insurance company. Term plans are the cheapest and best form of insurance.

  • Financial protection for your family
  • Low cost, high cover
  • Peace of mind
  • Maintain the same living status
  • Tax benefits
  • Cover up to 85 years of age
Secure the future of your family.