Financial Planning

Everyone has future financial needs for which planning is required. Financial planning is important to find out ways to meet the goals most effectively. Most people seem to dislike the term ‘Financial Planning’ because it makes them disciplined in life. The truth is that ‘Financial Planning” is the most important decision in life and should be done immediately after the first income is earned. Financial planning is the process of identifying the future goals in life and then formulating a good investment strategy to achieve the goals with the help of the different investment options available keeping in mind the current and future income. We help our clients in the process of their long term financial planning and also monitor it on a regular basis.

We help clients turnaround their non-profitable investments into something that benefits them. Our specialty lies in understanding that each client is special and has a different need.

We help our clients asses their financial goals and select the best way to achieve them with the available resources most effectively.

The Objective

Understand your financial needs and plan for them. Start as early as you can. Right from the time you earn your first income.

  • Determine short and long term financial goals
  • Paying of unnecessary loans
  • Purchase of a home or other major assets
  • Building a corpus for children’s education and future
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Life security against unforeseen contingencies
  • Planning for retirement
  • Building long term wealth

The Process

A profile study of the investor is done for age, qualifications, work profile, income, risk profile etc are compiled.

Data is compiled for all the family members of the investor. This includes their age, qualifications, studying or working, further studies,  income levels etc.

A detailed listing is made of the different sources of income of the investor and earning members of the other family members. All the current monthly expenses are also listed out.

Creating a list of all the financial goals is important to plan for them. This includes goals like buying a house or planning for children’s education and marriage, buying any asset, retirement planning etc.

All the current liabilities and loans are also listed down along with the monthly outflow of funds as EMI are listed down.

All the existing assets are listed down. The future expected increase in value and the date of their realisation is also noted.

A list of all existing life and health insurance polices is compiled along with the outflow of funds by way of premium and expected maturity date and value is ascertained.

The various courses of actions to achieve the future financial goals are laid down and discussed with the clients.

Each asset class has its own risk and return opportunities. The risk reward ratios are studied and explained to the clients. Higher the risk, higher the reward. But this principle may not be in favor with everyone. Plans are made to best suit the client’s risk profile.

The financial plans are laid down taking into consideration all the above factors in active consultation with the clients. The different investment strategies are explained and finalised and executed to achieve the financial goals of the client.

The plans are reevaluated periodically by us in consultation with the clients for performance and modified if need be.

Benefits Of Financial Planning

Financial planning is important ever since you earn your first income. It is a tool that lets you plan for all the important financial decisions that you would be making in the future. The benefits are :

  • Always prepared for the future
  • Disciplined life
  • Better standard of living
  • Optimum use of resources
  • Improved returns on investments
  • Improved debt management
  • Knowledge of tax implications
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